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Synthetic Foams

Synthetic foams are based on synthetic surfactants. They provide better flow and spreading over the surface of hydrocarbon-based liquids, for faster knockdown of flames. They have limited post-fire security and are toxic groundwater contaminants

Protein Foams

Protein foams contain natural proteins as the foaming agents. Unlike synthetic foams, protein foams are bio-degradable. They flow and spread slower, but provide a foam blanket that is more heat-resistant and more durable.


Phos-Chek Class B foams are UL, Factory Mutual, US Military
standard (mil spec) and large atmosphere storage tank fires
(last fire) certified.

Most Effective Agent for Fighting Flammable Liquid Fires

Class B Fire Foam 

Flammable liquid fires require specialized foams that are designed to both extinguish a fire and prevent reignition or burnback. Aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) and alcohol-resistant AFFF (AR-AFFF) form a film between the fuel and the air, sealing the surface and preventing the escape and ignition of flammable vapors. AR-AFFF is specially designed to prevent polar solvents from destroying the foam blanket. AFFF and AR-AFFF come in a variety of formulations with varying mix rates (1%, 3% or 6%), viscosities, and freeze points. Selecting the proper product for your application is essential.

Products are typically used in chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, oil and gas storage facilities, flammable liquid storage facilities, airports, and anywhere flammable liquids are stored or used. In addition to AFFF and AR-AFFF, Perimeter Solutions offers fluorine-free foams formulated to fight both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, training foam and other specialty foams.

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Protection Against Flammable Liquid Fires

Firefighting foams serve a vital role in fire protection throughout the world. Their use has proven to be essential for the control of flammable liquid fire threats. The ability of foam to rapidly extinguish flammable liquid spill fires has undoubtedly saved many lives, reduced property loss, and helped minimize the global pollution that can result from the uncontrolled burning of flammable liquids.

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