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Class B Fire Foam

Industrial & Military Class B Fire Foam

Class B foam is required for protection from and suppression of flammable liquid fires. Typical applications include chemical and petrochemcial plants, refineries, aircraft rescue and fire fighting, LPG/LNG terminals, etc. Learn more about the fire foam products. Some of the uses may include:

* Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks
* Aircraft Hangars
* Loading Racks
* Aircraft Fire Rescue 
* Containment Area Protection. 


Municipal Fire Foam 

Class B Foam quickly extinguishes and prevents reignition for flammable liquid pool fires. Ideal for storage tanks, railcars, automobile gas tanks, or any fire involving flammable liquid storage. Learn more about Talan Industries products used for Manicipal fire foam. Uses may include: 

* Gas Stations
* Truck & Rail 
* Industrial  Buildings
* Commercial Buildings